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What they say about us

  • Artem Makarevich - student

    "I want to say thank you for all people I've met here. It was outstanding four weeks. Hope to be back here next year!"
  • Mª de la Luz Martinez Gonzalez

    "I love the method used. My teacher was awesome!"
  • Kirsty Hayes - British Ambassador to Portugal

    "I thought it was excellent. Excellent teachers and very supportive environment. Would definitely recommend. Muito obrigada! "
  • Roxana Gonçalves

    "The best teaching staff, flexible approach to learning and course administration, great learning environment and support plus facilities surpassed my expectations."
  • Li Yu Yun - student

    "Gosto muito da escola inlingua e das atividades. Os professores são todos simpáticos. Vou recomendar aos meus amigos estudar aqui. Obrigada!"
  • Gerardo Schnell - Crash Intensive Programme

    "Each teacher was very willing to adapt the class to my needs. Each lesson was very customised."

What they say about our Portuguese courses

coffee break at school1


"The teachers are knowledgeable and really explain everything well. The intensive course also gives room for questins  and repetitions. Absolutely no negative points. The lunches are my favourite. Mixing with teachers and other students. For me the small group works well to balancelearnnig in an intensie way, homework and some leisure time enjoying the city."      

Marc S. - graphic designer - group intensive - June 2024


"I would absolutely recommend inlingua to others! I hope to return. I wish i could have stayed longer! Obrigada!!"      

Kathleen G. - English teacher - group intensive  - June 2024


"Very very skilled teachers in small groups. 10 out of 10. Perfect"      

Timo K. - accountant - group intensive  - June 2024


"I think the course has been excellent. I can see, hear and feel the difference it has made to my Portuguese. I felt that the teachers were well integrated and the hand off between them was fairly seemless. A brilliant experience!"      

B. J - ambassador - Immersion - May 2024


"inlingua é a melhor escola de línguas no que tenho estudado. Todos os professores são muito bons e encontraram sempre a melhor forma de ajudar -me a aprender o português. Muito obrigado inlingua!"     

Emilio A. - student - Mini-group intensive - May 2024


"A escola tem um atmosfera amigável e familiar. Ter aulas em grupo e aulas privadas foi ótimo. Foi bom ter professores diferentes porque cada um tem uma personalidade diferente. Obrigado pelas "aulas magicas!"      

Maria N - Farmacêutica - COMBI - May 2024


"It was very complete. I would recommend inlingua Porto because the teachers are very good and very nice too. The school is in the city centre which is a good thingto walk around."     

Gregorio M - Primary school teacher - Mini-group intensive - April 2024


"I was very happy to land with this school fullof people who use experience, energy and heart to give us a chance to learn portuguese from where we are and who enrichour knowledge and competence in a welcoming and comfortable environment. I really enjoyed every minute and I was able to learn so much in a short time. THANK YOU!"     

Sonja R - Pharmacist - Mini-group intensive - March 2024


"My overall impression is really positive. Iliked the lessons and the focus of the lessons. The whole organsisation of inlingua seems really clear and structured. I felt really welcomed."     

Emma P - student - Mini-group intensive - March 2024


"Would definitely recommend because of: Quality of the teachers, Excellent location and facilities, friendliness, availability and sincerity of all staff"     

Albrecht J - Hotel General Manager - Mini-group intensive - February 2024


"Fat progress. Detailed feedback. Friendly staff"     

Matthias K - teacher - Mini-group intensive - Jan 2024


"I highly recommned inlingua.  The central location is ideal for an immerive experience. There are many historical and cultural sites within walking distance, great places to eat and good hotels. The staff and teachers at inlingua Porto were all great to work with and learn from. I willmiss them all and hope to return for more classes in the future!"   

Don K. - IT engineer - CIP - may 2023


"Lots of speaking and repetition. I would recommend!"  

Anna Riitta N.  - language teacher - Mini-group intensive - may 2023


"Very good experience. Hope to continue"  

John B.  - online instructor - Mini-group intensive - may 2023


"Tudo bastante profissional até cada detalhe. Melhor que outros cursos feitos de espanhol (Espanha x 3, Mexico x 2)"  

Jesper K..  - electronic technician engineer - Mini-group intensive - October 2022


"I would recommend. Easy and fast administration even when booking late. I was impressed by the course structure and how much I learnt within 10 days. Small class in the city centre. Good location. Café e biscoitos!"  

Gunda N. - retired - Mini-group intensive - October 2022


"Inlingua is a place you immediately feel welcome. All the staff is very engaged and they know who  you are. Being in between levels of two classes I noticed how engaged everybody was to provide an optimal learning experience. And with result! I crtainly would recommend inlingua to others wishing to learn Portuguese."  

Mark M. - business controller - CIP - September 2022


"Fiquei com uma impressão eral muito boa. Recomendaria a inlingua. Muito obrigado a todos por tudo." 

Christian D.... - dentist -  immersion - September 2022


"I liked the whole experience a lot, as well as the progress achieved in just one month. It was fun and never boring. Thank you for a wonderful time!" 

Maria K. - business development manager -  group intensive - August 2022


"I'm really happy to meet all the good personel inlingua have. I feel really good every day. Thanks so much for all your help and attention." 

Noragnes A. - accountant -  group intensive - August 2022


"I would recommend without hesitation. The quality of the teaching, organisation, interactive self-study tools and homestay were excellent and beyond my expectations. but more than that, teachrs and the school were friendly, helpful and willing to meet my  individual needs. It  is hard to pick a few things that were better than others - the overall package is excellent and highly professional.I can't recommend highly enough."  

Gavin D.  - diplomat -  CIP - July 2022


"O curso é optimo! e a equipa é fantástica! Sem dúvida recomendaria a inlingua a outros alunos." 

Marie-José P. - professora -  CIP -  May 2022


"I would absolutely recommend inlingua. Everything was much better than I had expected. It became an important and positive part of our stay in Porto. We are on vacation! How many people can say a language class on vacation is such a positive experience!? Thank you inlingua!" 

Albert C - English teacher (high school and university) -  May 2022


"I would recommend inlingua to anyone interested in learning Portuguese. I really enjoyed my time here in Porto. Theteachers are very professional and personable and teh admin staff were friendly clear and relaxed. I felt very comfortable" 

Angela P. - Retired social worker - CIP -  May 2022


"I felt the quality was very high and I learned so much. I would definitely suggest it to friends" 

Mike L. - woodworker - mini group  intensive -  May 2022


"It was a great course! I will definitely recommend it and hope to come back to learn more. Thank you." 

Lindsey A. - self employed - mini group  intensive -  May 2022


"I can only recommend inlingua Porto. Well organised and competent staff and techers. Muito obrigado!" 

Eric Overvest - resident coordinator UN/Djibouti - CIP -  March 2022


"Wonderful teachers - all of them! It was structured very well and fast-paced. I was glad to be able to dscuss topics of interest to me. There was flexibility there. I also liked the weekly group activity. I was pleasantly surprised how well it was organised. The best part of it all were the instructors - They simply are roock stars! Muito obrigado!" 

France A-L - retired - CIP -  March 2022


"I had a great time and made more progress than I expected. Would and will definitely recommend. Obrigado!" 

Luca Wesel - political advisor - group intensive -  October 2021


"O equipa está altamente motivado, sempre pronto para ouvir o aluno, totalmente recomnedável por sua alta qualidade"   

Javier Mujicas - group intensive -  September 2021


The teachers we had were excellent, very perceptive and good at keeping things interesting. I enjoyed the focus on improving my speaking abilities. Would definitely recommend inlingua porto . I feel I made a lot of progress and was never once made to feel as if I really ought to know this by now." 

Marc Fiedrich - civil servant - group intensive -  September 2021


Excellent teachers. Excellent and logical organisation! I was impressed by the protocols and approach. I especially liked learning from alternating teachers - a great approach.   

Paul Chiavini - retired - Crash Intensive programme (CIP) -  September 2021


Very professional and friendly teachers and staff. Just the right level of intensity. I highly recommend inlingua and am likely to return next year.  

Gerard Neiditsch - Crash Intensive programme -  September 2021


Eu recomendaria estudar na acaremia inlingua Porto. Gostei do método do ensino e lo profesionalismo dos professores. Além disso, a cidade é linda. O tratamento de todo o pessoal da escola (senhora da limpeza, administração, professores da aula e professores das atividades fora das aulas ) é excelente. 

Pilar Moral - professora - group intensive -  August 2021


Learning Portuguese is a good experience. When I started the course I have no idea about the language. I have to admit that I really enjoyed the course. I strongly recommend the course to  other studentsand to visit Porto. 

Miriam Sanchez - professora - group intensive -  August 2021


J'apprécie la qualité des cours, le professionalisme des professeurs et leur disponibilité pour répondre aux doutes ou questions des etudiants. La coordinational entre les professeurs est également remarquable elle assure la continuité des cours de façon très fluide. En plus d'être compétent, tout le personnel académique et administratif est infiniment sympatique. 

Christine Narboni - retraitée - group intensive -  July 2021


I really enjoyed this week at inlingua Porto, the staff was very welccoming and I ended up learnning many morethings than I would have expected. I will definitely return in the future. Thanks for everything!

Juan Vaqueiro - international officer ESAD - group intensive -  July 2021


It was very fun! This formula is perfect for beginners like me. I would totally recommend to those who want to learn Portuguese.

Antoine Matos - student - group intensive -  July 2021


Personally I think that is a very good way to learn a new language and I will absolutely recommend inlingua to other students. 

Max Ferrer - group intensive -  July 2021


Good course to prepare the DEPLE. Good focus on the exam.  

Julien Max Ferrer - group intensive -  July 2021



J’apprécie la qualité des cours, le professionnalisme des professeurs et leur disponibilité pour répondre aux doutes ou questions des étudiants et la souplesse d’adaptation dont ils font preuve. Ainsi les cours et les exercices sont adaptés et permettent de progresser rapidement. La coordination entre les professeurs est également remarquable. Elle assure la continuité des cours de façon très fluide. En plus d’être compétent, tout le personnel académique et administratif est infiniment sympathique.

L’activité optionnelle en dehors de l’école donne une occasion supplémentaire de pratiquer la langue avec tel professeur et les autres étudiants, et découvrir des lieux moins touristiques.

Christine - retraitée - CIP - July 2021


I liked my Portuguese course a lot. For sure I will take another course at inlingua. The whole staff and the teachers are very nice and I think it is great thatthey also offer out of school activities."

Jennifer Voelzke - hotel manager - CIP - December 2020


I very much enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. I think the course setup and learning process is very well arranged and helped me to learn faster than I had expected. Additionally the teachers are very good and adjust to individual needs.I would definitely recommend.

Anchal Amirtham - bank employee - Mini-group intensive - November 2020


I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave me. It made it so easy to get a hold of the language. Continue your good work!

Isabel Möller - student - Mini-group intensive -  October 2020


I will recommend inlingua Porto with no hesitation at all. It is worth knowing this school.

Christine - retired - CIP -  September 2020


Good teachers, good mix between exercise and conversation, smallgroup, adapted forgroupspeed. I enjoyed my stay in porto and made good progress in Portuguese.

Nicola Job - student - CIP -  September 2020


I definitely would recommendinlingua Porto and I hope to come back very soon and to stay longerill recommend inlingua Porto with no hesitation at all. It is worth knowing this school.

Elisabetta Job - student - Mini-group intensive -  September 2020


I would definitely recommend inlingua - the most personable, friendly, open, fun experience of learning a language I've ever had. I've learnt French in Paris + Spanish in Spain and this was by far the best language school I've been to. Thank you!

Charlotte Farmer - Pilates teacher - Mini group intensive -  August 2020


El atendimiento al alumnado desde incluso antes de llegar, por email, es rápido y eficiente. Los profesores están altamente cualificos para trabajar con diferentes estudiantes de distintos niveles y culturas. Me encantó la proximidad del personal docente y administrativo y sobre todo de los compañeros. Una experiencia maravillosa respetando siempre las medidas de sanidad y seguridad. Foi uma experiência ótima!!

Dolores Vazquez - Professora ensino primario - Mini group intensive -  August 2020


What a fantastic team! It was a pleasure and a fantastic experience learning with Alex and all of the team at Inlingua. From day one I was made to feel comfortable and enjoyed the experience of language learning. Also during these difficult times the environment was regularly made safe and clean and all staff and students understood the guidance around hygiene and distancing during and around lessons, which was also great for me. Plenty of opportunities to connect with the other students as well which was also great. I look forward to returning to the school and continuing my language learning soon.

Kirk Shepherd - HR business owner - Mini group intensive - Julho 2020


"Great. Very happy. Excellent experience"

Zahira Virani - United Nations Resident Coordinator - Mini group intensive - Julho 2020


"I felt very comfortable with inlingua and if I have time I would like to come back to Porto and learn more Portuguese. I would definitely recommend inlingua"

Melanie Scheytt - actress - Mini group intensive - Julho 2020


"Exellent teachers with experince who were able to tailor learning for my strengths and weakneses. inlingua did an amazing job identifying Mozambican content for me! Fantastic!"

Lindsey Partridge - diplomat - CIP - February 2020


"Great  staff. Great people. Big thanks"

Sylvain Payer - self employed - CIP - February 2020


"Tem sido uma experiência incrível!  A organização foi ótima. Vou voltar!"

Luisa Fragata - Mini group intensive - February 2020


"Great! Highly recommended!"

Jeffrey Heaton - diplomat - CIP - February 2020


"Really enjoyed the programme and its methods. Lessons had good mixture of grammar and games and of course opportunities to speak as much as possible. The whole of inlingua works as a team. You are all wonderful."

Ruth Barker - swimming teacher - CIP - January 2020


"Eu recomendaria a inlingua Porto. Muito obrigado pela professionalismo dos professores e pelas relações de grande qualidadeonderful."

Jean-Claude Gracia - university professor - mini-group intensive - January 2020


"Definitely recommend! Very positive impression overall. The host family went above and beyond expectations facilitating my learning not only of the Portuguese language but alsoof Portugal and its wonderful culture in general.

Dale Claussen - retired teacher  - mini group intesive - January 2020


"It was an excellent course which I would highly recommend to others. The school, facilities, host family and accommodation were all excellent. The teachers were all fantastic. Porto itself is also lovely. An extremely smooth and organised experience from start to finish. Thank you so much for a wonderful four weeks!" 

Rowan Wilson - diplomat:  immersion - December 2019


"Recomendo inlingua. Os professores são bons e professionais e o ambiente também é muito bom" 

Daavid Abelló - estudante - mini-group intensive - December 2019


"Based on former courses this was for me one of the best language school experiences. Obrigado!" 

Ronny Borck - entrepreneur- CIP - November 2019


Foi uma muito boa experiença, eu aprendi muito durante 3 meses e eu recomendarei a inlingua porque os cursos são de qualidade e há um ambiente muito agradável 

Julie Lucot - estudante - mini group intensive - November 2019


"The school is very good because the structure of the course is well planned, the teachers are great, the virtual course is really good and because eveyone is very friendly and makes you feel at home, even if home is very far away. Congratulations to everybody" 

Hilda Trelles - marketing and psychologist - Mini group intensive - November 2019


In the past month I learned a lot and i really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the lunches. It was nice to eat traditional Portuguese food and to get to know the other students.  I would definitely recommend inlingua. It's a nice and good environment to learn, everybody is friendly and helpful and you'll learn a lot. I hope to come back 

Pien Van der Loo - barista - mini group intensive - November 2019


"Absolutamente vou recomendar esta escola. Muito possível que vou regressar com uns membros da minha familia" 

Paul East - doctor /lawyer- Mini group intensive - November 2019


"Overall impression was excellent. I really enjoyed it, teachers make it fun, easy and interesting. Not as scary as i was worried about!" 

Catherine Molnar - Program manager - Mini group intensive -  October 2019


"Gostei muito das três semanas que fiquei na inlingua. As aulas foram dinámicas e muito engraçadas"

Adrián Losada - estudante - Mini group intensive -  October 2019


"I really enjoyed my time (3 weeks) at inlingua. A very professional group of instructors but a very inclusive and familial environment, Very stimulating. Ilearned a ton. I will surely return to thiscity again and take another "language holiday" with you all at inlingua!"

Benjamin Middlemiss - bartender - Mini group intensive -  October 2019


"Warm and accompanying teacher - small learning group - alternating exercises - level of  requirement present. I will recommend your school and I think i will return next holidays." 

Cécile Chartoire Thibaudin - Deputy headmaster of secondary French school in Bruxelles - October 2019


"I very much enjoyed my course at inlingua and my Portuguese improved a lot. The teachers were very helpful and engaging and the host family lovely." 

Tobias Hosp - Student - Mini group intensive -  October 2019


"Gosstei tudo, como o costume" 

Ron Propst - teacher - Combi -  October 2019


"I loved the course. The teachers are amazing, the lessons are fun and easygoing. The host family ws very nice. I would always come again. I met amazing people and the atmosphere in the school was very comfortable and welcoming." 

Ana Mihaela Velicki - Student - Mini group intensive -  September 2019


"Very good and friendly. A lot of conversation and oral comprehension exercises. Porto is a cool place, and as it is smaller than Lisbon it is an easier place to stay in - you can walk anywhere" 

Thomas Bierschenk - University professor - Mini group intensive -  September 2019


"This course was fantastic!" 

Ania Owczarek - Student - Mini group intensive -  August 2019


"Overall I loved it. I enjoyed the small classes, the teachers and staff were fantastic and the activities weregreat. I think it is a fantastic course and a great city to learn Portuguese in." 

Lucas Zorillo - Student - Mini group intensive -  August 2019


"Estou muito feliz que tive a oportunidade de aprender nesta escola maravilhosa.Excelente explicação domaterial, estudo de uitas coisas interessantes, ótimas atividades,que fizeram da minha estadia inesqucível" . 

Elena Yazykova- estudante- Mini group intensive -  August 2019


"É o ideal para aprender rápidamente a falar Português" . 

Eduardo Perez - Economist - Mini group intensive -  August 2019


"Great teachers with a good balance of different styles. Ability toadapt to student's different needs and capabilities/preferences.  I gotmuch further than I expected whichmust be down to teaching excellence and agood structure forlearning a language." . 

Vicky Seymour - civilservant - Mini group intensive -  August 2019


"Speaking, games, grammar, lunch with teachers, activities ... I would definitely recommend inlingua" . 

Christina Grabner - Language professor - Mini group intensive -  July / August 2019


"Gostei muito!". 

Gonzalo Ayala - Economist- Mini group intensive -  July / August 2019


"I had a wonderful week staying at inlingua. From the minute I walked into the school everyone was so friendly and helpful. I felt like everyone there wanted to help me improve my Portuguese! Obrigada por tudo!. 

Edel Mooney - Teacher - Mini group intensive -  July 2019


" I would recommend inlingua to others because everything is great.The teachers are great and the material is very good. Inlingua has done a great job teaching me."  

Alessandro Mota- student- Mini group intensive -  July 2019


"Good progression, friendly atmosphere, funny co-students, excellent facilities and location. I'm left with a very good impression.. . 

Asne Kallend Aarstad - MFA analyst- Mini group intensive -  July 2019


"I enjoyed my week at inlingua very much. Lots of greatinformation, good resources. The attention of the teachers and staff was fantastic.  . 

Chaucer Larson- teacher- Mini group intensive -  July 2019


"Tudo foi perfeito. Desde o primeiro contacto com a escola até o final. A escola deu me uma ótima impressão.É muito provável que vou voltar. 

Bozena Bojanowich- Professora de Espanhol / Guía turística - CIP -  July 2019


"This is a very dedicated school with great teachers and friendly staff. I liked the familiar friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I would easily recommend this school toeveryone wishing to learn Portuguese. Actually I think I might be back for next summer."     

Ola Stahlberg - Psychologist - CIP -  July 2019


"I absolutely would recommend inlingua. Lessons and papersare well prepared andlessons werefun.I understand a lot now. .      

Nicole Winkelmann - Primary school teacher - Mini group intensive-  July 2019


"Nice atmosphere,friendly teachers, good teachinglessons even for people without any knowledge. Very good to get first impression into the language. .      

Sebastian Kohl- Project manager - Mini group intensive-  July 2019


"I learnt a lot. The immersion aspect of the course madea big difference. I definitely feel more confident speaking Portuguese now. Inlingua was a very nice environment tolearn and my teahers were all great.      

Alexanra Sheppard - Civil servant - immersion-  July 2019


"I am really glad that I took the course. Although one week is a bit too short,I started to speak Portuguese for real. I always thought that Portuguese sounded a bit ugly, but now I really love it! I really would love to come back next year, because I really enjoy Porto and speaking Portuguese!"    

Albert Both - Dutch language coach- Mini group intensive -  July 2019


"A impresão geral é que sinceramente a escola é muito boa para aprender Português e a atmosfera é boa tanto pelos alunos tão como pelos professores. Gostei muito e penso que vou voltar."    

Anna Niang - Interpreter - Mini group intensive -  July 2019


"Tudo funcionou bem. O pessoal é simpático e colaborador. E para mim o iOL è ótimo."    

Karin Bachmann - professora - Mini group intensive -  July 2019


"This has been a fantastic learning experience"    

Christine Hara- Public Health Fellow - immersion-  June 2019


"Inlingua iswelldesigned andprofessional. I'drecommend it forserious language learners"    

EmmaFiggins- student- student-  June 2019


"Excellent and I would recommend it and inlingua. There were out of school activities for my course every week and they were very good and fun"    

Jack McMullen- Business advisor - Mini Group intensive-  June 2019


"Very good school"    

Gabriel Gross -  Mini Group intensive -  June 2019


"Uma equipa muito simpática e com muito competência. Recomendo a escola com certeza"    

Hervé Gross- opthalmologist - Mini Group intensive-  June 2019


"I am very pleased with the time I spent in inlingua as well as in the family they chose for me"    

Christine Narboni- retired - Mini Group intensive-  May 2019


"It's very much what I hoped for. A safe and friendly place to make big steps forward."    

Viveka Tortenel- self employed - CIP-  May 2019


"I would definitely recommend it"    

Astrid Rickhoff- intérprete deconferência - CIP-  May 2019


"Gostei imensamente""    

Ron Propst- German teacher- Mini Group intensive -  May 2019


"Very well organised,excellent standard of teaching adapted for needs of student,lovely teachers"    

Nina Cisneros- student- Mini Group intensive -  April 2019


"I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend to others. I was concerned at first at having more than one teacher but in fact it worked really well. The handover between them was amazing."    

Jean Bowcott - hotel manager - Mini Group intensive -  March 2019


"I have attended language schools in several countries (England, Spain,Mexico). Inlingua has been the best!"    

Michael Gerdon - retired - Combi Mix -  March 2019


"Really great teachers. Very good atmosphere in the school -a place of friendship in Porto!"    

Annette Muller-Werwick - Desigher - Mini Group intensive -  February 2019


"I would recommend inlingua. I learned andpractised a lot.I'm moreconfidentin speaking Portuguese. Obrigada!"    

Julia Borzinski- student - Mini Group Intensive-  February 2019


"A minha impressão em geral? Muito boa. Recomendaria!"    

Jana Kratochvilova - Guide - Crash INtensiveProgramme -  January 2019


"Lots of speaking practice and interactivity.Very grateful for the experience. Thank you"    

Bibi Groot- Consultant - intensive mini-group -  December 2018


"I absolutely enjoyed my time in Portugal. Thanks 4 all!"   

Sabrina Rohr- intensive mini-group -  November 2018


"The language course I took was excellent and allowed me to learn a lot,in a very pleasant manner. I felt extremely at ease with my teacher who was very helpful and encouraging. The quality of the teaching and of teh used materials was very good. I am very satisfied with theclasses anddon't think anything should be changed."   

Joana Ilea - IT consultant- CIP (Brazilian) -  October 2018


"I was more than satisfied by this language course. I found the methods and all the teachers excellent. The one hour tête à tête" with a teacher in the afternoon is a great plus. My host family transformed this week of hard work into an unforgetable experience."   

Hervé Gross - opthalmologist (retired)- Combi -  October 2018


"Exellent, well organised course. I would definitely recommend the course to others. Thank you."

Angela Hand- assistant secretary- mini-group intensive -  October 2018


"Estou muito contente. Por vários razões gosto dos professores. Fiquei motivado para continuar

Ron Propst - teacher- mini-group intensive -  October 2018


"Friendly professers, relaxed environment,small classes. I really enjoyed it and look forward to coming back in the future to continue learning.I would definitely recommend inlingua.."  

Mark Gregan - computer programmer - mini-group intensive -  October 2018



Katheine Marcotte - redatora - mini-group intensive -  October 2018



Colin Hand- Accountant (retired)- mini-group intensive -  October 2018


"Eu participei em curso de português na inlingua já pela segunda vez - O primeiro curso decorreu há 4 anos. A impressão geral é a mesma: o curso ajudou-me a melhorar a língua,eu encontrei-me com a atmosfera muito agradável e pessoas dispostas. Se possível gostava de voltar mais uma vez. Muito obrigado."  

Vit Jaksic - judge - mini-group intensive -  September 2018


"Thank you for everything. I'll be back"  

Jessica Borowicz - US military - combi -  September 2018


"I would totallyrecommend inlingua"  

Constança Ramis- student - mini group intensive -  September 2018


"Fantastic experience with positive results. I arrived to Porto with a limited understanding of Portuguese. Six weeks later I can communicate effectively and feel more deeply integrated into the culture.. Obrigada! "  

Alexandra Galasso- Director, Business development - mini group intensive -  August 2018


"Everything was perfect"  

Natasja Bergstrom- student - CIP-Brazilian -  August 2018


"Amo esta escola demasiado. As professores são muito simpáticas e prestáveis. A ambiente na escola é fantástica. Todos parecem amigos! E paramim a festa de finalistas foi a surpresa briliante. Obrigada por tudo! "  

Anna Dedotcheva- student - mini group intensive -  August 2018


Tudo bom (muito bom).Recomendaria".  

Nicolina V Apostolova- Neuropsicólogo- CIP -  August 2018


"Very pleased!".  

Judith Reijnders- financial advisor- Combi -  August 2018


All that happoened on this trip is beyond what I had imagined. Sincerely thank you for everything, you are a great team. Thanks to you I can make myself understood in Portuguese andunderstand the language too! Muito obrigada".  

Zelie Saint-Macaire- student - Portuguese and surf -  July 2018


"You have an awesome structure and organisation for the students. I love the positive atmosphere and I never had such a comfortable feeling during classes before. Thank you for this experience!".  

Teresa Welte- graphic designer - Intensive group -  July 2018


"O curso foi ótimo.Quero fazer para o próximo ano outro curso.  

Marie-José Plaza- professora - CIP -  July 2018


"The teaching method is really efficient, the teachers are really well-prepared and make the classes really fluid. I'd surely recommend" 

Andrea de Felice- studen- Portuguese +activities -  July 2018


"Aprendi com facilidade e osprofessores são simpáticos e amáveis" 

Dorellis Molinas- hotel manager - mini groupintensive -  July 2018


"I think inlingua has a great method in terms of community and teachers. Changing the teachers around is great. Small group learning is also very effective. Thank you for a great time! 

Joanna Nelson- documentary maker - mini group intensive -  July 2018


I would definitely recommend inlingua. The level was excellent and the teachers know how to make you improve in a fast andpersonalised way. "

Neta Luria- student - immersion -  July 2018


"Muito bom"

Gretchen Hecht - Artist - Group intensive -  July 2018


I really enjoyed the two weeks and I'd definitely recommend taking a course here to other people! I learned much more than I expected and it was a pleasure to get to meet the very firendly staff here!"

Jasmin H - Partner Manager / Start up) - Group intensive -  June 2018


Não esperava aprender tanto, tão rápido. Recomendaria a escola para quem quiser aprender eficazmente."

Irene  - student - Group intensive -  June 2018


Excellent course. I hope to return to cotinue studies in the future."

Alistair C.  - management consultant - CIP -  June 2018


Uma experiência que não hesito em recomendar a outros alunos que desejam aprender Português."

Vicent Vicari - contabilista - CIP -  May 2018


Yes, I would recommend inlingua. The main reason would be the quality of the teaching and the positive and helpful attitude of the teachers."

Chris Sainty - British Ambassador to Portugal - CIP -  May 2018


I would definitely recommendinlingua Porto to learn Portuguese. The staff was so friendly and welcoming! The teachers were really good at their jobs. The secretaries were so helpful and friendly and explained everything. The "speaking Portuguese" policy was a good test to practise and the whole experience in inlingua  was brilliant. Thank you!"

JennySpielmann - musica and dance educator- CIP -  May 2018


Acho que a escola tem uma qualidade muito alta. Os cursos não são aborrecidos e divertimo-nos muito! Estou muito contente com a experiência e vou regressar!"

Ronia Simons- engineer- Group intensive programme -  April 2018


Enrolling in inlingua was the best decision I made - after deciding to move to Porto that is!

Beverly Morfitt - CIP - April 2018


My teacher and classmates are very interesting. I am so happy and enjoy the class/course"

Hsin Fu,Hsieh - Group intensive programme -  April 2018


É uma escola com excelentes professores e pessoal administrativo. Foi uma das melhores experiencias da minha vida. Muito obrigada"

Karla Morán- estudante- Group intensive programme -  March 2018


Our language course at inlingua was optimal. We learned somuch more than expected. Our motivation to come back is great!"

Ruth Lagies- doctor- Crash Intensive Programme -  March 2018


I highlky recommend inlingua. The instructor and staff are fun, creative and highly capable, and my classmates and I got along so well that we still hang out. Muiuto obrigado por tudo!"

Clay Wade- Engineer- Group intensive programme-  March 2018


I really enjoyed inlingua. I had a great experience and thoroughly enjoyed learning the language. I would highly recommend inlingua tonyone for its professionalism and the learning - A perfect place to meet new people and feel confident when practising the language."

Kathryn Hutchinson - fashion student-  intensive group -  March 2018


This course has been exceptional good to me. As total beginners we have learned far more than expected."

Mathias Daheir - doctor- Crash Intensive Programme -  March 2018


Really enjoyed the classes and its a very professional set up. Will recommend to future DFID Mozambique new arrivals"

Charlotte Duncan - Department for International Development - UK GOV - Crash Intensive Programme -  March 2018


I would definitely recommend inlingua to others. The class sizes are small, the teachers are good and it is a very warm, welcoming, ecouraging environment in which to learn. It was everything I'd hoped an immersive class would be"

Allison Jackson- Sound engineer- group intensive course-  March 2018


"It's been a great experience and I'm happy I chose inlingua. The method is efficient,the teachers are nice and patient,the classes are dynamic and funny and students are able to follow a basic conversation due to the big focus on talking during the classes

Maria Capova -student - Mini-group intensive - February  2018


Excellent administration - always ready to help. Excellent teachers - professional level skills + very positive friendly people. Thank youI"

Frank Catlin - Group intensive -  January 2018


I would recommend inlingua to others. The teachers really take care of the students progress and wishes. They are able to teach beginners that have never had spoken the language before. And they are sensitive.You feel comfortable all time "

Eva Vila Boas- Hotel - CIP January 2018


The classes are excellent. The teachers take interest in your progress. The classrooms are well suited and comfortable for learning. Nice to have tea and cookies and magazines available.

Anita Catlin-  Group Intensive - January 2018


I enjoyed the course very much, same as the one before. Yes, I would recommend inlingua to others because of the good quality and charming teachers and staff. "

Mirell Papenhuyzen- Clinical librarian - CIP Dezembro 2017


A escola é ótima. Eu gosto de todos: os professores, a administração e o plano das aulas"

Temesgen Bocher- Economista- COMBI Dezembro 2017


"Gostei muito das aulas porque os professores são muito simpáticos e motivados"

Lara Petrig - nurse - Mini group intensive December 2017


"A really excellent experience that has made such a diference to the quality of my Portuguese, An excellent learning environemt that is both stimulating and supportive,and a wonderful host familyl"

Jessica Hand - British Ambassador to Angola - CIP November 2017


"A very positive experience. Inlingua is a friendly learning environment with very good teachers, which I would definitely recommend. The teachers did a great job in personalising our classes ensuring materials were relevant and interesting. Thanks to you all"

Katharine Felton - Diplomat - CIP November 2017


"Fiquei muito satisfeito com o meu curso. Por isso vou voltar em breve nessa escola."

Vincent Vicari - accountant - CIP November 2017


"Excellent crash courseI I would recommend it highly. Thank you so very much! Obrigada!"

Beverly Jane Johns- Editor - CIP October 2017


"Gostei muito porque aprendi muito"

Ron Propst- Teacher - Mini group intensive - October 2017


I was amazed at how much I learned in a short time and can only imagine how much I could have learned if I had more time. The teachers were awesome and the front desk staff very helpful and accommodating. I was a little nervous before the classes started but all my fears were gone as soon as I arrived and the course eceeded my expectations. Thank you all! "

Jennifer Trebbin- midwife - CIP Setembro 2017


"I liked the course a lot as it helped me to get more confident in speaking. Further I liked that I had different teachers, as that alsohelps to understan different persons and to get different teaching approaches. "

Jorg Vogelev- buyer - Intensive mini group Setembro 2017


"Tudo o pessoal da escola é simpática, as aulas são muito interessantes e dinámicas. É agradável aprender o português com aulas de conversação e cultura. As atividades fora da escola são boas!"

Véronique Abenzoar- teacher - Intensive mini-group Agosto 2017


 "Sem dúvida alguma recomendaria a inlingua. Fico muito contente e satisfeito com a experiência. Já estou a fazer planos para poder voltar no próximo ano!"

José-Enrique Pérez Carbonell - estudante - CIP Agosto 2017


"My overall impression is very positive. The courses are well structured and very useful: we learn quickly"

Francesca Pucella- lawyer nad legal translator - Intensive mini group- Agosto 2017


"Acompanhamento individual, atmosfera agradável, professores fantásticos. Eu vou voltar!!"

Lucas de Sousa Borges- estudante - intensive mini-group Agosto 2017


"Para mim foi uma experiência muita boa. O ambiente na escola foi agradável e simpático. A organização foi muito boa"

Mario Ruf - electrical engineer - mini-group intensive Agosto 2017


"I just want to express my gratitude for a wonderful introduction to the Portuguese language. Your teaching staff is excellent, and my friend Kathryn and I very much enjoyed our week at InLingua"

Annissa Hambouz - writer - mini-group intensive - Julho 2017


Definitely recommend. Excellent mix of teachers. Great continuity between friendly staff. Structured apporoach. Porto is a great place to learn."

Cate Turton - diplomat - CIP - Julho 2017


"The intensive course was very fruitful.During 3 weeks I have learned a lot. Activities made it possible to meet new people and practice the language."

Daria Egorova - economist - mini-grupo intensivo - Julho 2017


"Estes duas semanas foram uma experi~encia ótima para mim. Eu adorei das minhas aulas,da família, do Porto ... Vou ter muitas saudades d'este lugar. Muito obrigado"

Alzbeta Oslancova - estudante - mini-grupo intensivo - Julho 2017


"A wonderful experience. I will definietly recommend your school to my friends"

Kathryn Wilkens - High school French teacher - mini-grupo intensivo - Julho 2017


"Eu fiquei muito contente do curso e com certeza vou recomendar a outras pessoas."

Angela Giamorino - administrativa - mini-grupo intensivo - Julho 2017


"Everything was great. I would recommend inlingua POrto to other people because it's a good way to discover the Portuguese,the culture and to meet new people. The teachers were very professional and nice,nice atmosphere and very interesting."

Laetitia Siche- administrativa - mini-grupo intensivo - Julho 2017


"Gostei muito da experiência. As professoras são muito boas e há uma boa relação e comunicação com os alunos. Além disso, as atividades são muito interessantes e a organização muito boa."

Manuel Rodriquez - estudante- mini-grupo intensivo - Julho 2017


"I loved it. It's a good balance between learning the language in a structural way and having plenty of opportunity to talk about all sorts of subjects to practice actively learning to speak without fear of making mistakes"

Marc Stevens - Graphic Designer - Mini-group intensive June 2017


"Excellent teachers! Well organised materials! Flexible schedule"

Edith Martin - retired teacher - CIP - June 2017


"A great experience - would recommend"

Xiangming Li - Deputy DIvision Chief- IMF - immersion - June 2017


"I really enjoyed my inlingua course. I chose a really intensive course, so I could properly see improvements and 3 hours passed super fast every day! I had great conversations with teachers and staff.I would definitely recommend inlingua. I'll be back!! 

Domitille Millon - doctor - CIP - June 2017


"Well organised,good design for large amount of learning in a short time.Everyone so helpful and friendly - every day! A good mix of "serious" but a fun learning environment too" 

Glenn Martin - chef - CIP - June 2017


"optima competença e amabilidade" 

Walter Schmuckli - retired - intensive mini group - June 2017


This is the second time I have attended inlingua porto and once again it was a very positive experience in all regards. It is very friendly and well organised and takes the students needs and welfare seriously. I enjoyed having a variety of teachers all of whom were well coordinated and stimulating and I feel my language skills improved significantly. "

Martin Hedges- veterinary surgeon - CIP - June 2017


"We learned a lot and "forced" to talk a lot" 

Stephan Sigust - doctor - Intensive mini-Group - June 2017


"intensive language training. The teaching is very good, also the activities" 

Gisela Sigrist - economist -  Intensive mini-Group - June 2017


"Flexible and good organisation,very friendly"

Maria Leiterholt - teacher - CIP - June 2017


Gostei da escola. Vou ter saudades de todas as pessoas na escola"

Samuel Belo - student - Mini group intensive - June 2017


I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. You get classes tailored to your needs in a great city. This was my first time travlling alone and I was quite nervous. Inlingua was a big part of the reason I hadn't needed to worry, and didn't when I got here. Thank you so much!!!!"

Boris van der Lugt - waiter - Mini group intensive - May 2017


I liked it a lot. It was very intense but I learnt a lot too."

Ron Propst - teacher - Crash intensive programme - May 2017


"Without a doubt this course was amazingly good. The people at the school are very professional and client oriented. The professionality exceeded my expectations. Those lunch breaks with teachers are very efficient!" 

Shlomi Hillmann - Self improvement coach - Crash intensive programme - April 2017


"Eu estou muito contenta com a escola. São muito organisados e empanhados no ensino de Português"

Iliona Gómez - Physiotherapist - Crash Intensive Programme - April 2017


"Recomendaria a otros alumnos. Me ha gustado mucho

Silvia Rubio Garcia - museum assistant -Mini group intensive - April 2017


"É muito bom!"

Elisabetta Bisaro - Recursos humanos -Mini group intensive - April 2017


"Recomendaria a inlingua porque os professores empenharam-se fazer tudo possível para proporcionar-me progressos."

Claudia Secchi - Professora - Crash INtenive Programme - April 2017


"A inlingua é muito dinamico e creativo"

Antonio Figueiredo - student - CIP - March 2017


"I would definitely recommend inlingua Porto - it is the perfect way to learn Portuguese!" 

Geordie Campbell-Harris - student -Mini group intensive - March 2017


"I am completely satisfied" 

Jakes Albisty - President,SAS SERAZ Résidences Azur Campus -Mini group intensive - March 2017


At last I can speak Portuguese!  Obrigada! 

Lo Hoi Lam - Law student - Mini group intensive - March 2017


"I liked having different teachers, giving me te opportunity to hear different voices and enjoy varied teaching styles. There is a very personal feel inthisschool and everyone - cleaner,office staff,teachers ... was extremely friendly" 

Joan Corrigal - Retired -Mini group intensive - March 2017


"inlingua é um muito bom instituto. Os professores tem experiência, organizados e muito simpáticos. Está tudo muito bem."

Marie-Jose Plaza - teacher - Crash Intensive Programme - March 2017


"Estou muito contente. Aprendo bem a falar e compreender"

Lucie Spreng - doctor - Combi - March 2017


"Overall a very lively and motivating style of teaching

Urs Rohner - cameraman -Mini-group intensive - March 2017


"It's been a great experience and I'm happy I chose inlingua. The method is efficient,the teachers are nice and patient,the classes are dynamic and funny and students are able to follow a basic conversation due to the big focus on talking during the classes

Maria Capova -student - Mini-group intensive - February  2017


"Muito boa impressão. Já recomendei a meus amigos

Alix Richard-Nassur - French consulate - Mini-group intensive - February  2017


"The teachers are very good and the group classes are small - so we can learn a lot of Portuguese! Apart from this the city of Porto is very beautiful." 

 Shinya Higuchi - student - Mini-group intensive - February  2017


"Thank you for the great course - the teachers are fantastic" 

 Zahira Virani - United Nations Resident coordinator - São Tomé - Immersion  - January 2017


The school is very good. The system is clear and all the staff are very friendly and helpful. And the teachers are excellent"

 Rebekah Bayliss - British Diplomat  -  CIP  - January 2017


"It's very intensive and you learn very much in such a short tim. You learn small talk basics and it's taught especially for your needs" 

 Yvonne Meisetschenger  - CIP  - December 2016


"I will always recommend inlingua. I have learnt so much in just 5 weeks.and the atmosphere is always great.I would love to come back" 

 Jim van Moorsel - student / translator  - Mini-group intensive  - December 2016


"inlingua is the most friendly and efficient school that I have encountered. All of the teachrs were excellent and very patient and understanding of the student's needs. Most important of all they really encourage the student to stretch their abilities" 

 Martin Hedges - Veterinary Surgeon  - Mini-group intensive  - November 2016 


"I was very happy overall with the course organisation, the tuition, and the accommodation" 

 Richard Price - Bed and Breakfast Owner  - CIP3  - November 2016


"O método é muito bom para obter resultados. Estou muito satisfeita com o curso e por toda a equipa. Aulas eficientes,pessoas e lugares agradaveis. Perfeito! 

 Alix Ricahrd-Nassur - funcionária no consulado francês  - Combi-Mix  - November 2016


"I liked my course a lot and I will come back to inlingua Porto"   

Denitsa Lugeon  - Teacher - mini group intensive  - November 2016


"I took an intensive 5 days course and it was very professional. I liked both my teachers and the structure of the lessons. I would definitely recommend this school to others wishing to learn Portuguese."   

Noa Bar-Yoel  - Translator - mini group intensive  - October 2016


"I have learnt a lot in one week. I have a good understanding of the language and an excellent foundation to continue learning in London. It is a friendly,  excellent environment to learn."  

Febrice Tiburcio  - architectural technician - CIP 3  - September 2016


The school and course is excellent, and the teachers are all outstanding. it delivered exactly what was needed. I have moved from zero to basic functioning in the language within four weeks. On top the environment was great and I always looked forward to the lessons. I will definitely recommend." 
Henrik Fredborg Larsen - Country director, Angola - United Nations Development Programme   - CIP


"the course was very well structured and the teaching was very good. I have learnt a lot!"  

Benjamin Bone  - student - mini group intensive - September 2016


"Gosto muito das aulas na inlingua: a qualidade dos professores, das aulas, a localização e a gentileza das pessoas na escola!"  

Laetitia Ceccaldi  - Operation Manager - mini group intensive - September 2016


"Cursos muito bons e professores muito simpaticos!"  

Mathieu Pires  - student - mini group intensive - September 2016


"Everything was perfect. These three weeks in Porto have been amazing!"  

Adria Verger Aleix  - student - mini group intensive - August 2016


"Mix of teachers; flexible pace; quality of teaching: I would absolutely recommend!"  

Cathryn Turton  - Head of DFID, Mozambique - CIP - August 2016


"I am really satisfied with my stay here with inlingua. I received a lot of attention,quality lessons and care from nice people.I would definitely recommend!"  

Dorian Faltot  - Events communication - Portuguese +surf - August 2016


"It is a fantastic atmosphere  to study in. The teachers are great and always involved with the students!"  

Samuel Belo  - Student - mini group intensive - August 2016


"Overall very satisfied this year and if possible would like to return next year."  

Jaroslav Mares  - University professor - mini group intensive - August 2016


"The course gave me exactly the space to practice that I was looking for. Allof the instructors I worked with were great."  

Rhiannon Johnson  - language teacher - mini group intensive - August 2016


"Even though I only atended a 2 week course I have the impression I learnt a lot"  

Marcella Jachmich  - student - mini group intensive - August 2016


"I was absolutely happy. I enjoyed the classes with every teacher and I would definitely recommend the school." 

Giannina de Almeida Santos  - student - COMBI- July 2016


"The whole team is fantastic. Thank you!" 

Lucie Hoarau  - student - mini-group intensive- July 2016


"The course and also the accommodation were perfect. The lessons were very welll organised and I will certainly recommend the school to others" 

Paolo Provinciali   - teacher - mini-group intensive- July 2016


"Very good school with very friendly teachers and staff." 

Petra Derungs  - student -  Portuguese and Surf - July 2016


"The lessons, the lunches, the excursions: everything was great! I am sad to leave and hope to return next year!

Lani San Antonio - University professor - Mini-Group intensive- June 2016


"I was very pleased with all aspects of the course. I found the teachers excellent, and the course layout systematic and thorough. The additional activities were also a great opportunity to socialise in Portuguese and discover the city and Portuguese culture together with teachers and other students. It's fantastic that you really encourage students to speak Portuguese as much as possible, even outside of class, and that the teachers use only Portuguese during the lessons."

David Preen - Translator European Parliament - Mini-Group intensive- June 2016


"I thought the course was excellent and I would highly recommend it. The class moves at a good pace and I was able to acquire the basics very quickly."

Zachary Gould - Mini-Group intensive- June 2016


"I love the classes! Very good language school. Great, great teachers. Very impressed"

Priscilla Bonnen - student - Mini-Group intensive- May 2016


Really enjoying the course. It's great to have at least two teachers because then I get a different teaching style but i enjoy my lessons with both."
Kathrine Newland - student - Mini-Group intensive- May 2016

Great teachers, small group - always adapted to individual students. The course covers all essential topics and is focussed on speaking"
Carmen Dehmel - teacher - Group intensive- May 2016

Great teachers. I would definitely recommend!"
Heather Budnarowski - Group intensive- April 2016


The course is very well organised and interractive
Marie Dardinier - Group intensive- March 2016


Para aprender português é muito bom porque os professores são muito bons e falam em português todo o tempo"
Nicolas Diway - Group intensive- March 2016


Les cours de portugais ètaient vraiment bien. Nous avons tous beaucoup appris. Les profs sont agreables et c'est avec plaisirs que je recommanderai cette ècole. Merci"
Salomé Jeannin - Group intensive- March 2016


Je recommande cette ècole inlingua du Porto pour les  enseignants, une bonne méthode, une bonne ambiance et un personnel très accueillant"
Nathan Kespi - Group intensive- March 2016


Good introduction to the Portuguese language, Good teachers and really good atmosphere!"  
Malek Zarraa  - Goup intensive programme  - March 2016


"A fantastic experience. I feel that my Portuguese has improved greatly. Much better than I expected. All teachers were equally fun, profesional and engaging. Fantastic combination. Well organised, excellent teachers and host family. Thank you! " 

Simon Kelly -  British Diplomat - February 2016 - Immersion programme


"Every Tuesday lunch was great opportunity to make friends with students from various countries" 

Waka Aoyama -  Lawyer - February 2016 - mini-group intensive

"Excellent teachers and welcoming and friendly staff. Really enjoyed the course and it has been very helpful. A good rate of progress." 

Saul Butters -  Concern Worldwide - Janeiro 2016 - Crash Intensive Programme + mini group


"O curso é ótimo (professores preparados, pessoal hospitaleiro, escola acolhedora) mas também porque a escola fica mesmo no centro da cidade do Porto, portanto é muito confortável" 

Alessandro Corsetti -  Editor - Janeiro 2016 - Crash Intensive Programme


"I think it's a great course and would definitely recommend it. Very good." 

Akomeah Butters -  Student - January 2016 - mini-group intensive + CIP3

"I really enjoyed the language course. It was great ." 

Maike Reinhardt -  Student - December 2015 - mini-group intensive


"O curso é muito bom. Os professores são muito bons.. Aprende de uma forma divertida" 

Litzaida Hernandez -  Student - December 2015 - mini-group intensive


"My overall impression was very positive. I will recommend inlingua" 

Massih Niazi -  General Manager, Primagaz - November 2015 - Crash Intensive Programme

"Para mim, foi um curso muito bom e aprendi muito! Recomendaria definitivamente a inlingua Porto a outros alunos"

Alix Cauchi -  November 2015 - Crash Intensive Programme

"Era uma experiência maravilhosa: gostei muito dos cursos, e da ambiente aqui na inlingua. É uma escola perfeita para aprender uma língua do principio até o fim"

Christine Pied -  November 2015 - mini-group intensive


Os cursos são completos e os profesosres são muito preparados"

Santangelo Danilo -  November 2015 - mini-group intensive


"Very interactive with a mix of teaching methods and styles"

Robert Hunt  - Engineer -  November 2015 - mini-group intensive


"I thought it was excellent.  Excellent teachers and very supportive environment. Would definitely recommend. Muito obrigada! "   

Kirsty Hayes - British Ambassador to Portugal  -   Immersion Programme  


"A school with a very central location and friendly and professional teachers in a beautiful city which has a lot to offer . I'd definitely recommend inlingua to others!"

Charlie-Jil Zuercher  - Programme support Officer, Concern Worldwide -  October 2015 - mini-group intensive


"In little time you learn so much without having the feeling that you're at school"

Liesbeth De Ryckere  - student -  October 2015 - CIP

Curso muito bom que vou recomendar a outros alunos"

Herve Vincent  - Head of IT division, Total -  Setembro 2015 - immersion 


Excellent. Well organised. Excellent teachers. Catered to student's needs"

Eric Charles   -  Setembro 2015 - Crash Intensive Programme 


I would definitely recommend inlingua. The course was well structured and i definitely feel i progressed. The activities were also a nice addition and were a fun way of practicing conversational Portuguese. The quality of teaching provided was also exceptionally good and the teachers always made the classes interesting and enjoyable. There are lots of opportunities to practise speaking in cklass and all of the material you cover builds on what you have learnt the day before"

Alicia Loe - student -  Setembro 2015 - mini group intensive  


Gostei muito da mistura entre oralidade e os aspetos gramaticais e da oportunidade de rever o que aprendemos nas aulas seguintes. As atividades e almoços foram ótimas também."

Eleonor Weekes - student -  Setembro 2015 - minigroup intensive  

Penso que eraa muito bom frequentar em dois cursos. o curso do grupo e o curso individual. Praticamos muito a falar - e a gramatica também" 

Sabrina May  - student -  Setembro 2015 - Curso Combi  

Curso clássico de boa qualidade, não tenho proposta como melhorar o curso"  

Miroslav Censky - Setembro 2015 - mini group intensive


I just can say: I enjoyed every lesson and regret that these 2 weeks passed so fast. I was really satisfied, thus I cannot suggest improvements."

Thomas Peltzer - Managing Director -   Agosto 2015 -  mini-group intensive


My overall impression was very good."

Filippo Di Cesare - Sales Director -   Agosto 2015 -  Crash Intensive Programme

I learnt so much in a very short space of time. I'm very happy!

Khutala Malindi - nurse -   Agosto 2015 -  Combi-mix

The fact that the lessons build upon each other means that I was clearly able to see my own progress. I learned a lot in just one week. The teachers and staff were incredibly helpful, competent and kind."

Meghan Janssen -  English instructor -  Agosto 2015 -  mini-group intensive

I had a very positive impression. I would definitely recommend the school to other students."

Giovanni Giusti -  doctor -  Agosto 2015 -  mini-group intensive


It's very lucky I can study at inlingua. The teachers are very nice. and all courses are very suitable for me."

Liu Linxin -  student -  Agosto 2015 -  mini-group intensive

Estava tudo ótimo. Não podia ter aprendido mais em duas semanas!"
Eva Kerekes -  professora de inglês -  Agosto 2015 -  mini-group intensive


I loved it. I would recommend it because it allows intensive study of Portuguese, but aso leaves free time for the students"
Daniel Rashbash -  student -  Agosto 2015 -  mini-group intensive

Foi uma muito boa experiência. Os professores são excelentes; as secretárias são bem organizadas, ors cursos são de boa qualidade; e as saídas propostas são boas (almoços, passeios, visitas ...) Eu recomendo!"

Celine David -  estudante -  Agosto 2015 -  mini-group intensive


"Obrigado - a very professional organisation!"

Randall Haime - Coordinator of Activities and Athletics -   Agosto 2015 -  mini-group intensive


Bons professores, boas atividades de tarde, boa experiência ao conhecer outros pessoas e poder praticar a língua e a ocalização é ótima. Se quissessem aprender português em Portugal, o melhor lugar é inlingua."

Manuel dos Anjos - Estudante -   July 2015 -  mini-grupo intensive


I enjoyed the course very much. All the teachers were very energetic and sympathestic. I would not hesitate to come back and very much enjoyed my time here in Porto"

Edward Jones - US Airforce -   July 2015 -  CIP

Acho que aprendi muito mais aqui em 3 semanas do que em 3 anos de aulas de Português na minha escola"

Inês Noel - estudante -   July 2015 -  mini-group intensive


Acho que aprendi muito com a inlingua. É muito organizado e tem professores / pessoas administrativos muito simpáticos e flexíveis"

Mie Mizutani - estudante -   July 2015 -  mini-group intensive


The individual attention and support was excellent. Logstically everything went well and everyone ensured that the experience was positive. Eu gosto muito!  

Claudelle Lewis - teacher -    July 2015 -  mini-group intensive

Gostei muito da relação com os professores e as colegas e gosto muito da organização da iningua. Obrigada! 

Claudia Cunha Velho Postero -   July 2015 -  mini-group intensive

Um instituto de línguas com um perfill profissional, que atende muito bem os seus estudantes. Os professores são muito qualificados e têm muita experiência e energia positiva.  

Agneta Liljestam - economista -   July 2015 -  Combi-programme


Muito profissional e eficaz!

Marie-José Plaza - professora -   June 2015 -  mini-group intensive


Grupos pequenos, aulas variadas e interessantes;  pode aprender muito bem. 

Anna Elisabeth Weger - professora -   June 2015 -  mini-group intensive


It was a very good course with very competent teachers

Connie Karlsson -  June 2015 -  Combi 1 

Eu estudei português em Macau há 1 ano e penso que os professores são melhores aqui!"

Lei Tat Hong - civil servant (department of transport) -   June 2015 -  mini-group intensive


I have been in the school for 1 month and my impression coud not be better"    

 Sonia Garcia Lopez -   May 2015 -  mini-group intensive


"Muito positivo! I couldn't say a word in Portuguese just a month ago, but now I can speak and understand nearly everything! Certainly recommend the school"    

 Darya Tatarnikova -   April 2015 -  mini-group intensive

"Very familiar atmosphere and a good balance between straight education and personal conversation. I felt very welcomed and comfortable. It was fun, also because the teachers and the staff seemed like they also have fun in working at inlingua."    

 Matthias Tran -   teacher - March 2015 -  mini-group intensive


"I will definitey recommend inlingua in Porto to others"

Tore Andreassen -   March 2015 -  Mini-group intensive 


"A well organised course, covering al the necessary themes in a compact, intensive way. Very good teachers."    

Pierre Verhoeven -   January 2015 -  Mini-group intensive 


"Excellent teaching. It's a proper school but still very flexible with its offering"    

Toby Jayne -   December 2014 -  CIP 

"Very happy I came to Porto. It was overall a very pleasant experience. I would definitely recommend the school to others. Keep up the good work!"    

Robert Hatton -  Lawyer - December 2014 -  Combi-Mix programme


"The overall impression was very positive. The teachers did a good job and the content was adjusted to my target. Definitely I can recommend iningua Porto for earning Portuguese."    

Thomas Adam - Project Director - December 2014 -  Total Immersion

"Very well organised and student focused."    

Nigel Muyambi - comercial advisor - November 2014 -  Mini group Intensive


The course was a revelation as far as the language is concerned, but also as far as the characters / personaities are concerned. A plain success! Portugal at its best!!"   

Dr. Hannelore Beekmann - October 2014 -  Crash Intensive Programme 

"The language course is VERY GOOD and certainly when I return to Italy I will recfommend inlingua Porto to other people."   

Antonio Compierchio - eingineer - October 2014 -  Crash Intensive Programme 

"Very very good. Great experience"     

Barry John Bobin-Martin - FCO-UK gov - September  2014 -  Immersion Programme 


"I am very satisfied. Exactly what I hoped for"     

Lise Harder - teacher - September  2014 -  Crash Intensive Programme 


"I liked taking lessons at inlingua very much. All teachers are highly capable, staff is very friendly and helpful. The location is within easy reach. I would recommend inlingua for sure!"     

Peter Bennink - IT consultant - September  2014 -  Mini Group intensive + private lessons 


"Really pleased I took the lessons for this week.  I have a good basis to keep learning + practicing now. Surprised at how much I have learned!"     

Tom Clark - September  2014 -  Mini Group intensive 


"Quality of teaching, good ambience in school, teachers and staff very dedicated and helpful"     

Laetitia Ceccaldi - Equipment vendor Manager - September  2014 -  Holiday Programme - Portuguese + surf 


"A good school. Nice staff and good teachers. I liked it a lot"     

Robert Somod - Student - September  2014 -  Intensive mini-group 


"The educational environment is wonderful. On next vacation I'd love to study here."

 Shiho Matsushita - student - August  2014 -  Immersion programme 

"Recomendaria sem dúvida. A amabilidade, simpatia e energia dos professores, o número reduzido de alunos nas aulas, a localização no centro do Porto fazem que seja uma escola idonea para estudar a língua"

 Gonzalo Leal - Auditor - August  2014 -  Crash Intensive Programme 

"I would recommend inlingua to other students without doubt. The school has a very positive and happy atmosphere; the teachers are very nice and at the same time very competent. I also liked the social aspect: excursions and activities that were organised"

Anders Lindquist - translator - August  2014 -  Intensive Mini-group


It's well organised, you learn a lot in a short time and you are made to feel at home.  The school is in a good location and the activities out of school created a good impression."     

Ilona Brinton - student  - August  2014 -  Intensive Mini-group 


"Gosto muito da escola inlingua e das atividades. Os professores são todos simpáticos. Vou recomendar aos meus amigos estudar aqui. Obrigada!"    

Li Yu Yun - student  - August  2014 -  Combi   


"The school is well organised and the teachers are very good"    

Milena Negri - student  - August  2014 -  Portuguese + surf    


"inlingua provided a prime learning example that both catered to my needs and helped me learn a language from the very basics. A great experience!"    

James Anderson  - student  - August  2014 -  Mini group intensive


"I thought it was excellent.  Excellent teachers and very supportive environment. Would definitely recommend. Muito obrigada! "   

Kirsty Hayes - British Ambassador to Portugal  - July  2014 -  Immersion Programme  


"Your school Rocks!"

Isabelle Simar  - student  - July  2014 -  Portuguese + activities


"I want to say thank you for all people I've met here. It was outstanding four weeks. Hope to be back here next year!"    

Artem Makarevich  - student  - July  2014 -  Combi    


"Gostei imenso da escola, dos professores e em geral da organização. Gostaria de voltar"    

Nohelia Gonzalez - architect  - July  2014 -  Mini group intensive   


"I liked the classes and if I had had the time I would have loved to participate in the organised activities. I only took a 1 week course - but I am very happy about the language I could acquire in such a short time"   

Jenni Michelle - teacher -  July 2014 -  Crash Intensive Programme  


"Don't know how to say it but well, thank you. I had both the Portuguese atmosphere and great Portuguese teachers. I just want to continue on and on to learn Portuguese"  

Lea Gasparoux - student -  July 2014 -  mini-grupo intensivo  

"I like it a lot and I learned a lot. All teachers were very nice and I also enjoyed the excursions and lunches with other students"   

Selma Boerrighter - teacher -  June 2014 -  mini-grupo intensivo  

"Adorei tudo. Não quero  ir embora. Tenho  muito desejo de voltar e continuar cà! 

Ana Burgers - estudante de pos-graduação -  Maio 2014 -  Combi  

"Estou realmente muito satisfeito, o curso ultrapassou as minhas expectativas.  Os professores fantasticos.  Tudo foi ótimo."  

Vit Jacsik - juiz -  May 2014 -  mini-grupo intensivo  


"Bons professores, boas salas, bom lugar ... GREAT afternoon activities!!! Muito Bom +++ "  

Eliska Svobodova - (Czech TV) -  April 2014 -  Mini group intensive 


"I have already recommended inlingua to other friends. This was a valuable, incredible experience. I really appreciated learning from 3 different teachers, each with their own style and accent. I appreciated the homework assignments. Most of all I appreciated the welcoming nature of every single person at the school."   

Robert Schout - president and CEO of "Powerskills Training" -  April 2014 -  Basic Immersion 


"I'm really glad I chose to take the beginner's course at inlingua. The standard of teaching was very high and I feel I made good progress after only a few days. I'd thoroughly recommend other do the same if they have the opportunity"  

Fred Clarke  -  Product manager - April 2014 -  Mini-group intensive 

"É um curso muito completo e os professores são bons. Estou muito satisfeita com o curso. Gostei muito!" 

Eleanor Upchurch   -  April 2014 -  COMBI-MIX 

"Recomendaria a outros alunos inlingua sem dúvida, pela garantia de ter ótimos professores e materiais"

Ana Torres Leao  -  March 2014 - COMBI-MIX 

"All was good for me! Teachers from the very beginning speak with you in Portuguese!"

Svetlana Blyzniuk  -  February 2014 -  Mini Group intensive

 "Very well structured.  I can see there is a real method behind. I liked that we were always repeating things we learned a few days ago. My overall impression of inlingua is excellent and I would recommend it without hesitation"

Camille Hubaud - student -  February 2014 -  Crash Intensive Programme


"The course met my needs exactly. A really excellent experience.:I would definitely recommend it to others (in fact I already have!)."

Peter Abbott - Diplomat (Deputy Head of Mission Lisbon),  January 2014 -  Immersion programme

I am very happy with the two weeks I spent at inlingua. I wish I were able to continue my lessons. I'd definitely recommend inlingua to others.

Samuel Berman - teacher -  Mini group intensive - January 2014 


Very pleasantly surprised by both the progress I made in very few days and by the professional way all my needs were met. In a word; optima!" 

Jeremy Toye - executive Director -  Crash Intensive Progreamme

"Professores muito preparados, bom material de apoio, muita hospitalidade. O meu português melhorou muito" 

Roxana Gonçalves  -  December 2013 -  Mini-group intensive


"My overall impression is extremely positive. I would definitely recommend the school. The standard of the teachers is very high."

Thomas Kring - United Nations Development Programme, economics advisor - Immersion Programme


"I am happy with these lessons. I learned a lot from it. I will recommend inlingua to anyone who wants to learn Portuguese!

Alejandro Ernesto Peno Abarca  -  November 2013 -  Crash Intensive ProgrammeP

"I would (and will be) recommending inlingua to others. The teachers, the organisation, the school and the materials are all GREAT!"

Martin Johnston  -  November 2013 -  Crash Intensive ProgrammeP  

 "I was amazed how much we were able to cover and how the way it is taught helps it stick" 

Elaine Story  -  November 2013 -  mini-group intensive 

"This is a very professional - and hugely friendly outift, and I've been very impressed.  You can quote me on this!"

Anthony Shaun Clearly  -  British High Commissionar to Mozambique -  Immersion programme 

 "I love the method used. My teacher was awesome!" 

Mª de la Luz Martinez Gonzalez  -  November 2013 -  mini-group intensive 

"I highly recommend inlingua Porto. My teachers were very good and I have learnt a lot in 3 weeks".

Julie Lemos - November 2013 - Portuguese Crash Intensive Programme 


"I enjoyed the course very much. The whole place is great and all the staff are helpful and friendly. The course is exactly what I was hoping for"

Julie Raper  -  October 2013 -  mini-group intensive 


"A very positive and rewarding experience which I am going to share with my colleagues" 

Stefania Colletti  -  European Central Bank - Language Services division - September 2013 -  Portuguese COMBI-MIX programme


"My overall impression is very good" 

Elisabeth Harmer - Deputy Programme Manager DFID  -  October 2013 -  Portuguese Crash Intensive Programme (CIP) 


"My impression is excellent. I would recommend inlingua to other students because of its teachers, it's organisation and also because the city is very beautiful!" 

Andrea Alleva -  October 2013 -  Portuguese Crash Intensive Programme (CIP)

"Everything was just perfect. I was really satisfied. The teachers and staff were amazing. I didn't expect it to be that well organised and professional ".

Marianna Izlandy August 2013 - Portuguese intensive mini group 


"inlingua was a very good experience. I improved my Portuguese a lot!  I liked the small size of the groups. It was very personal"

Erik Kemmling -  August 2013 -  Portuguese intensive mini group

"I really liked the lessons, the structure of the course and how we studied the material during the classes. The teachers are very competent and know how to keep the students motivated! Ótima experiência! ".

Eleonora Tabaroni August 2013 - Portuguese + surf


"I would recommend inlingua because the atmosphere was optimal to learn Portuguese".

Enrico Burda April 2013 - COMBI-MIX programme


"I would recommend inlingua Porto for others wishing to learn Portuese. The teachers were excellent - at once putting me at ease and pushing me to learn. They were all lovely to work with and I am grateful to them for making my time at school so enjoyable. 

Farida Shaikh, British Deputy High Commisioner, Mozambique September 2012 - iimmersion programme


"Very good impressionYour mark: A+ "   
Antonio Minguez  - 2013 -  Crash Intensive Programme


"I'm going to recommend this course to others! I loved it. I learnt a lot and I adore the teacher!!.   

Manon Hagemeier - July 2012 -  Crash Intensive Programme


"The course was great and the teachers wonderful".   

Tara Roberts - November 2012 -  Intensive Mini Group